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Product Features

With this Digital and LED Infrared Thermometer you can check the temperature of employees, visitors or customers without actual contact to ensure that anyone is free from a high temperature or fever.

Readings can be taken without actual contact at a safe distance of 5-10cm due to its Infrared scanner. It can be used quickly and easily. 

One second read of temperature and measures body temperature plus object temperature.

  • Three back light colours
  • Has a silent mode
  • Has temperature modes °C and °F
  • Memory recall of the last 32 temperature readings
  • Intelligent fever alarm (over 37.5°C/99.5°F)
  • CE. FCC certification


  • CATEGORY: IR Thermometer
  • LENGTH: 160mm
  • WIDTH: 100mm


  • Working Voltage: DC3V
  • Battery: AAAx2
  • Battery Life: 20000 uses
  • Operation Mode: Continuous work
  • Display Mode: LCD screen.
  • Measuring Time: 0.5s
  • Measuring Distance: 5-10cm
  • Temperature Modes: °C/°F
  • Measuring Range:
    • (1) Body temperature: 32.0°C-42.2°C (89.6°F-108.0°F)
    • (2) Object temperature: 0.0°C-00.0°C (32.0°F-212.0°F)
  • Accuracy: ±0.3°C / ±0.6°F)
  • Fever Alarm: 37.5°C<t≤42.2°C (99.5°F-108.0°F)
  •  Repeatability: ±0.1°C
  • Memories: 32 data
  • Backlight: Green, Red, White.
  • Auto Off Time: 10 seconds </t≤42.2°C(99.5°F-108.0°F).

Infrared Digital Thermometer for Non Contact Body Temperature Testing

SKU: GC-124
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