• Little Ann CPR Training Manikin Training 4 Pack

Little Ann CPR Training Manikin Training 4 Pack

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4 Pack for Trainers and Training Groups

Little Anne will now come with feedback technology to help you improve CPR quality, training efficiency and learner engagement.

Research shows that quality bystander CPR is directly associated with positive cardiac arrest outcomes. Training helps prepare a bystander to deliver CPR, but it is a challenge for instructors to provide accurate and objective feedback on their performance.

Little Anne QCPR uses Bluettoth Smart technology, connecting with tablets and smartphones to deliver QCPR measurement and feedback.

Fun and Engaging
With objective feedback and scoring, learners are motivated not only to compete with one another, but also to try to beat their own best score. The competition element makes training more engaging and interactive and has been demonstrated to improve motivation.

Measure to Improve
The following options can be used with Little Anne QCPR to obtain real-time and summary feedback of CPR performance. The feedback interface is consistent with other Laerdal QCPR solutions, and has been proven to be intuitive and effective for performing adn improving quality CPR.

QCPR Instructor App
with this app, the instructor gets a performance overview of up to six manikins, simultaneously. Using their own observations and the objective feedback from the app, the instructor can quickly and effectively coach the learners to improve.

QCPR Learner App
this app can be used by the learner to practice on their own. Multiple learners can also use the app to coach each other.

Quality CPR can be difficult to achieve.
We know correct compression depth should be between 5-6cm but research has found even acheiving this can be difficult to ensure.  Tomlinson et al (2007) found that, depending on the patients chest, the required pressure may actually range from as much as 10-55kg.

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